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 *B Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride

National Show Winner Dam

National Champion!!

Wicked is 2018 1st Place 5 & 6 Year old winner !!

DOB:  3-17-17     

         SG ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man
Sire: GCH ++*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult

         SGCH One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Tullia 1*M

          SG +*B Kastdemur's Wai'Ale'Ale
Dam:  GCH Kastdemur's Wicked 6*M EEEE92

           **** NATIONAL SHOW WINNER 2018****
          GCH Kastdemur's MS Behavin 5*M VEEE89

Rider has an impressive pedigree and after waiting 2 years to add a Tumult buck, his feet, legs, back, rump..he should add strength, and dairy character to our herd.

ADGA Pedigree

Left and Middle: His dam. Right photo: His dam, 3rd from the left.

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