Kidding Schedules 2021-2022 /Sales Information

Our journey has been evolving for the past few years.  Bringing in does and bucks from the West Coast to the East Coast.  In the future we will be using our own home bred lamancha and nigerian bucks. We may add some promising nigerian does in the near future.


We have nigerian dwarfs goats which originated from J-Nels, Dill's, Old Mountain Farm, and in 2020 and now 2021 more Winning Streak , a doe GOLDEN CHARM and a new buckling, SNAP DRAGON.  We are crossing our does and seeing improvements every year.


Our lamanchas started with Appleberry Cove, a few Autumn-Acres and reaching out west to Lucky*Stars for Mica last year has given consistency to our kids. We were very happy with our QuikTripp kids too, lots of bone and strength.  We will have dry stock this year to gain strength and bone before breeding, as to preserve our milk lines. 

We participate in ADGA Performance Plus Programs.  Doing Linear Appraisal and DHI through Langston University.

Our herd is CAE negative as of January 2020.  In 2020, we did not haul off the farm, and we will be on limited DHI test for 2021.  We did have a few animals to get linear appriased luckily in 2021. We did not do the CAE testing this year but will at the buyers request and cost. No CL on our farm. I have done TB and Brucellosis in the past and have been negative.

Deposits for animals already on the ground and mature animals is 50%.  To reserve a kid, deposits are $100.  Kids in 2021 will be dam raised mostly unless kids are reserved ahead of time and picked up at 2 weeks old.  Kids will be disbudded and tattooed.  Board is $5 per day if you need extra time to pick up your kid.  Arrangements need to be made in advance.

​Nigerian Dwarf Breeding Schedule

Lamancha Breeding Schedule