Livin My Dream BP Petunia 4*M

Sold in milk after kidding

1 doeling, 1 moonspotted buckling available

Sired by Larsen Quinn

DOB: 3-5-17     Moonspotted

         Dill's GA Pandemic *B
Sire:  Dill's PD Black Pontiac *B V+V 85

          Dill's XM Avalon 1*M EEEE91

         GCH  Chenango-Hills Lysander *B EEV 90
Dam:  SG J-Nels LY Clootie 3*M VEVE 89

          MCH/GCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M VEEE90

ADGA Pedigree

Her dam pictured to the left. The right photo is Clootie's 4th freshening udder 2017 on milk test day at 12 hours full, milking 6.2#.

Petunia udder, dam raising triplets

Petunia's Milk Record