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     Our journey has been evolving for the past few years.  Bringing in does and bucks from the West Coast to the East Coast.  We have nigerian dwarfs goats which originated from J-Nels, Dill's and now Old Mountain Farm.  We are crossing our does and seeing improvements every year.  Our lamanchas started with Appleberry Cove, a few Autumn-Acres and reaching out west to Lucky*Star and Kastdemur's in recent years. 

     We participate in ADGA Performance Plus Programs.  Doing Linear Appraisal and DHI through Langston University.

Our herd is CAE negative.  Tested yearly.  No CL on our farm. I have done TB and Brucellosis in the past and have been negative.

     Deposits for animals already on the ground and mature animals is 50%.  To reserve a kid, deposits are $100.  Kids are to be picked up at two weeks.  Bottle fed, with CAE prevention. Kids will be disbudded and tattooed.  Board is $5 per day if you need extra time to pick up your kid.  Arrangements need to be made in advance.



Livin My Dream BP Lets Go GTO *B




Tan and white


Sire: Dill's PD Black Pontiac *B
Dam: SG J-Nels LY Clootie 3*M VEVE 89

See his littermate sister Marigold udder photos!!

                                                     picture on right Marigold


Livin My Dream KTR King LA 85 yearling



Dam is pictured

Littermate sister LA V+VV 86 FF


Sire: *B Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride

Ride's Dam 2018 National Champion Lamancha 

SGCH Kastdemur's Wicked
Dam: Livin My Dream CH Harlequin 5*M FF LA 87

Livin My Dream Camo Quinn



2019 buckling


Sire: Old Mountain Farm Larsen Quinn
Dam: Livin My Dream BP Petunia 4*M

Livin My Dream KTR MidniteRider


2019 buckling


Sire: *B Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride
Dam:  Livin My Dream HE Miss Maribel ELITE DOE

Livin My Dream HE Draco Malfoy


2019 buckling


Sire: Lucky*Star's ME Henning
Dam: Lucky*Star's GE Harper LA 89

            Elite Doe 2017

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