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We dam raise and bottle feed CAE prevention
CAE, TB, CL, Brucellosis negative herd 2011-2016
2014 & 2016 CAE Entire Herd Tested Negative

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Nigerian Dwarf
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Livin My Dream BP Lets Go GTO


Sire: Dill's PD Black Pontiac *B
SG J-Nels LY Clootie 3*M VEEV88

Clootie's 4th freshening 2017 at 12 hours fill on milk test day and she milked 6.2#!


Dill's PD Black Pontiac *B V+V85


Sire: Dill's GA Pandemic *B
Dam: Dill's XM Avalon 1*M EEEE91

Courtesy of Dill's.
He has sired kids here, has been collected and is ready to improve your kid crop next year!

Does For Sale


Bucks For Sale

$450 or $250 unreg

Livin My Dream ...


Sire: Autumn-Acres Tandra's Chance
Appleberry Cove SS Obsidian 3*M VEEE 90

Aubrey's 8th freshening at 10 years old and a 10 hour fill, 2017.

Black & White Buck $450
or $250 unregistered

Livin My Dream CH Vantage


Sire: Autumn-Acres Tandra's Chance
Livin My Dream HM Conq Blonde 4*M VVVV86

Blonde's first freshening udder 2016.


$350 or $200 unreg

Livin My Dream LSH Java Chip


Sire: Lucky*Star's LX Hank
Livin My Dream AX Harlowe

Wethers For Sale
Wethers are neutered pets.

1 Daisy x Steele Wether
$150 each

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