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CAE, TB, CL & Brucellosis
Feb 2013-2014 Entire Herd over 6 Months Negative for CAE

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We are licensed by the state of GA to sell Raw Milk for pet use.

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     Livin My Dream Farm is just that. A dream of ours to have a self sustaining farm.
     We started raising our dairy goats with the help of mainly one person, Wanda Clark from Doublegate Farm.  I called around to local breeders in August of one year looking for a blue eyed moonspotted doeling.  She was kind to take an interest in educating a newbie, and I will be forever grateful for her generosity and sharing her knowledge with me. I reserved a doeling from her that year which I did receive, along with her sister as a borrowed companion,  Doublegate MS Sailor Moon. Quickly Sailor Moon (Barn name Wanda) became the farm favorite especially my dad Jerry's favorite.  Wanda graciously sold us Sailor Moon and we bred both girls that year. And so the herd was started along with a few Lost Valley does brought in from Texas. Then John and Judy Nelson entrusted us a Dumplin doeling J-Nels LY Clootie to the group. Christine Peckman from Crookedcedar Farm helped me bring in some Caesar's Villa bloodlines to create the Nigerian Dwarf lines we have here today.
We met LaManchas at Wanda Clark's farm also, and we later added some does from Appleberry Cove and then LaMancha bucks from April Hitch from Shady Lawn. We were so impressed with Blackjack's ability to improve udders, I went back to Tammy Tullar at Autumn-Acres for another buckling and now we have three does, two of which were National Champions in 2013 and 2014.
     The past few years have brought us health challenges with our family, which has changed our breeding programs with both our Nigerians and LaManchas.

     I have started a new career with Sleep Medicine, so I have not shown much due to weekend rotation, but in 2015 I hope that changes with the new “goat trailer” which will make it easier to transport both breeds at the same time and allow me to include others to come show with me. (Hint Hint.. Wanda Clark) I have continued to linear appraise almost every year to evaluate our stock, this has helped to guide our breeding program to improve our conformation and milk production. We test for CAE yearly prior to the does kidding and we dam raise and bottle feed our kids each year depending on our off farm responsibilities.

     We will test again in 2015 for CAE, TB, Brucellosis, and add Johnes.

     Here I have to acknowledge my mother Sherry Voss, who lost her battle to Breast Cancer in 2008.  She was always there for me and I feel her presence here at the farm. My dad Jerry helped me make the decision to start this new venture.  Without his faith in me it just would not have happened.  So with the support of my husband and family,  we started the process to move to the farm in Commerce.

     Thank you again for visiting our site and we look forward to talking "goat" with you.

We are located in Commerce, GA. 
Between Atlanta, GA and Anderson, SC
Easy access from I-85.
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